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How to Use an Energy Consultant to Go Green

Hello, I am the manager of a large industrial unit. The industry I work within is increasingly moving towards green power. Not wanting to be left behind, I wanted to discover how I could make my industrial unit more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. I didn't have a clue where to start until a colleague recommended I contact an energy consultant. The consultant inspected the unit and delivered a long report which detailed exactly what I needed to do in order to go green. Our industrial unit is now rated as an industry leader when it comes to being environmentally friendly. This blog explains how we did it.


2 Tips to Consider Before Choosing a Skip Bin Hire

23 September 2014
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you're doing any type of construction, remodeling, or demolition work on your property you'll want to consider a skip bin hire. This is an easy way to ensure you have all your trash removed quickly, easily, and safely. Typically a home renovation project creates too much waste to be put in your regular trash bins, and in some areas this is also illegal, and you could face heavy fines from your city. Read More …

Avoid A Kitchen Nightmare In Your Restaurant By Using These Commercial Cleaning Services

10 September 2014
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Owning a restaurant puts you in charge of everything from the menu to hiring trustworthy staff. One of the many tasks that you may pass on to your employees is cleaning. You can have your employees clean at the end of the day, but there are some tasks that should be tackled by a commercial cleaning company at least once a month. Before you continue letting your employees handle this task, consider what commercial cleaners can do for your restaurant. Read More …